By Dr. Robert L. Chakar, Jr., Superintendent

   We’re excited that it is time to register children for PreK and Kindergarten for the 2021-22 school year. If your child will turn 4 years old by December 1, they will be eligible for PreK; if they will turn 5 by December 1, they will be eligible for Kindergarten. Please contact the school at 845-676-3166 Ext. 103 if you are an Andes resident and have an eligible child.

  Congratulations to our February Students of the Month:  Kinsleigh Gill, Avery Holfsdal, Evan Hofsdal, Abel Weaver, Juliette Bradley and Jacob Ventimiglia.

   On Friday, February 26th, we enjoyed a “Winter Fun Day.” Since our students have missed out on so many things this past year, we decided to have a day of outdoor fun. Students were able to sleigh ride, go snowshoeing, build snowmen, make pine cone bird feeders, make paper snowflakes, and a few other activities. It was also a day to celebrate our 100 days of school, which happened on Wednesday, February 24th.

   As Andes moves through the month of March and into April, the Board of Education has been working diligently to Finalize a school budget for the community to vote on in May. As you may recall, the term “2% tax levy,” is really a “2% adjusted school tax levy.” Meaning, the amount of money that a school can request is based on an 8-step formula unique to its district.  Currently, under the Governor’s levy limit, and under a simple majority vote, Andes will be allowed to request of its community a tax levy increase of 0.79%.

   As we finalize our budget request to the community, we are faced with State Aid funding similar to years past. As always, your suggestions, questions, or comments are always appreciated. Kindly contact my office at 676-3166 ext. 103. At Andes, our community of learners thanks you for your continued support of our children.~