By Peter Calvert

Present: Supervisor Wayland “Bud” Gladstone, Ritchie Gabriel, Thomas Hall, Shayne Moshier, Dale Cole. John Boton, Highways. Town Clerk: Kimberly Tosi.

Others (Via Zoom): Peter Calvert, Andes Gazette; Mark Pezzatti; Mary Davis; Karen Kropp, By the Books; Pia Dehne; Vinnie Comperatore; Eric Van Benschoten


Supervisor Bud Gladstone’s Report: At a January 14th Zoom Meeting of the National  Academy  of Science Review for comments to NYC DEP, I stressed the importance of keeping open land and protecting farms. Additionally, NYSERDA has a new program with money for clean energy. I will look into this to see what opportunities are available to the Town. Dave Warne, of NYC DEP, updated regarding road access on properties through DEP lands. They identified seventeen parcels in the first round of notifications, thirteen of which were in Andes. He reported that notification to property owners is going well. Also, New York State has issued a form for farmers who did not generate enough income in 2020 due to COVID-19, to maintain their status in regards to the Town assessments. Form RP-305-f must be completed and returned to the Assessor by March 1st. For help with this form you may reach out to Cornell Cooperative Extension.

Regarding the Andes Senior Citizen money for 2021: Jane Berghammer said the Seniors don’t need it at this time, but the Town will reserve these funds in case things change. Time Clocks have been ordered for the Transfer Station employees and Town Pool Lifeguards.

We are still working on cell coverage. We are drafting a letter to our State Representatives requesting their assistance in securing cell coverage for Andes.


Al Mohr: Code Enforcement/Building Inspector Report: Working with Planning Board, Zoning Board and the Assessor to coordinate tasks. In January, over 50 emails sent in response to building questions and applications. The Andes Town printer was set up to send PDF forms allowing the entire permitting process and application to be done electronically. 8 Building applications were submitted, 5 permits were issued, 6 inspections were performed and 1 violation was recorded. Total funds brought in for 5 permits, $2,280, Also, 10 title searches were completed for a total of $450 in fees. Reach Andes CEO on email at

Transfer Station: The contract with Alpine Roofing was signed and they will repair roof as soon as possible. Sign will be ordered stating that no dumping is allowed by contractors.

Highway: A follow-up on the request from Highway Superintendent Bouton regarding posting of Main Street for no overnight parking during winter months. The Town Attorney is working on developing the necessary local law to implement this action to assist efficient snow removal.

Highway Superintendent Bouton authorized to advertise for the 2021 Material, Mowing, and Rental bids. Bids are due March 4th, 10 am. Bids will be opened March 4th, 10 am. Bids will be awarded at March Meeting March 9th, 6 pm.

Motion: As the owner of the Triangle Property, Mary Davis offered a Quit Claim Deed Transfer to quit claim deed the property for no cost to the Town for municipal use; The Town agreed to pay fees to record the gift and to maintain ownership of the property and restrict the use of the property to municipal purposes. Zoning Board of Appeals: Harland Dye was appointed to serve as a Member of the Zoning Board of Appeals for two years.


The Streetscape Project: through the Main Street Grant, requires a committee to be created. The following are the initial members of the Streetscape Committee: Supervisor Wayland “Bud” Gladstone, Judy Garrison, Debbie Marmaro, Debra Abbate, and Robyn Ciccone. ~