By Buffy Calvert

Jeff has taken pictures of the dramatic
scene Downtown. What about my side street, Delaware Avenue?

Up and down the street, neighbors are setting up lights that say, “Pandemic be gone! Christmas is coming!”

Cyndi and Lester at Dirty Girl Farm string golden lights the entire length of John Gregg’s 120 foot stone wall. Not to be outdone, Heannings, across the brook, light their fence all the way to the porch and then garland the porch itself. Rachel and Mike swathe the front shrubbery with lights. Through their window I can see a tall, sparkling evergreen.

Across the street, in echo, lights glow on John and Nina’s front stoop and through their window shines a tree, starlit with white lights. A wreath appears on Lynn’s front door. Her tree, like that of Pam, her neighbor, is also magically starlit.

Down the street, the majestic columns of the Andes Central School are garlanded with brilliant lights circling a wreath in the center. The Presbyterian manse, having shed its Halloween ghosts, now shimmers with a lacy crown of lights. On the steps, elfin Christmas presents sparkle.   The church offers an earth-bound Star of Bethlehem flooding a rough stable where a shepherd and 3 Magi gather around the Holy Family.

Look toward Main Street. The cheerful baskets of red geraniums that hung all summer on the antique lamp posts, thanks to The Stars and Stripes, have been transformed into huge gleaming snowflakes. Candy canes dance among the everlasting flowers at Baker’s.  Cross the brook to the Atelier Aubergine where Suzanne’s great, shining wreath glows for passersby.

   I feel buoyed by neighborliness, by hope. Alleluia!  ~

Rosalino’s Diner

Christmas tree on Main Street.

The General Store all decorated for the holiday.