TURNING 90 – January 2021

Buffy Calvert with a blizzard of birthday cards.

By Buffy Calvert

I came downstairs on my 90th birthday to a sea of cards. Breakfast felt like a party with dozens of dear friends. Next my son David and his wife Theresa put on a complete turkey dinner at the Perch Lake cabin. Three sons, daughter-in-law Suzanne, and grandson, Andre. Small but festive, followed by a ZOOM cake cutting with the rest of the family, topped off by a complete surprise: an outpouring of video tributes from all areas and eras of my life. The grandchildren and their parents had secretly arranged it! Not a hint to me. I am still floating on the love and uplift. It felt like being at my own Memorial Service!

There are certain perks to being 90. I borrow a book from the library because I like the author. A few pages in I have a moment of deja vu. The scene is familiar. I already know what this character will say next. I’ve read it before! But since I can’t remember how it comes out, I read it again.

Or I walk purposefully into a room. What on earth was I intending to do here? Oh well, you’re 90! Just retrace your footsteps and it will come to you. A bit of trouble remembering someone’s name? Easily forgiven. You’re 90! Covers a multitude of sins.

……Oh! Were you speaking to me? Sorry! I was miles away, re-living an adventure George and I had 50 years ago. I enjoy remembering the past…

But back to the present. I don’t know how this story comes out, but I plan to live it to the hilt. ~