TOWN BOARD VIEWS COMMERCIAL CAMPSITE PROPOSAL FROM PLANNING BOARD Town of Andes Council Meeting, December 8th, 2020 Via Zoom Meeting  – January 2021

Virtually attended by:  Peter Calvert 

Present: Supervisor Wayland “Bud” Gladstone, Ritchie Gabriel, Thomas Hall, Dale Cole. John Boulton, Highways.  Town Clerk: Kimberly Tosi, Excused: Councilmen Shayne Moshier.

Planning Board Chair Frank Winkler presented a draft proposal to regulate Commercial Tent Campsites (CTC) as a number of these sites have been popping up around the Andes area.

The proposal was reviewed but hasn’t been adopted as of now. These sites would require a permit and be inspected on the following eleven points by the Andes Code Enforcement Officer.

  1. Adequate off-road parking for all campsite vehicles.
  2. Campsite entrance marked by local street number for emergency services
  3. Site at least 500 feet from any neighboring dwelling.
  4. Site must be at least 200 feet from the property line.
  5. Tax parcel must contain at least 8 acres, and an additional 8 acres for each additional campsite with no more than 3 campsite total.
  6. Site must have and implement proper waste disposal on minimum weekly cycle.
  7. Sites shall accommodate not more than 8 adults or 6 adults and up to 4 children.
  8. Site must be at least 100 feet from any stream or wetland area.
  9. No amplified sound is permitted between 10 pm and 8 am.
  10. Any campfire must be in a dedicated fire pit at least 50 feet from any shrub, trees or overhead tree canopy. Due to dry conditions, more restrictive standards may be implemented. NYS DEC Requirements for fires must always be followed.
  11. If the landowner does not live on the site, a designated agent must be on file with the Andes Code Enforcement Officer and readily available within 45 minutes or less to resolve any potential site problems (i.e: exceeding permitted people on site, excessive noise, fire hazard, etc.).

   Andes Fire Department is looking to replace a Fire Truck and has been evaluating bids and budget restrictions. Al Mohr, incoming Code Enforcement Officer, will work in the new year to manage increased demands on the Town Building Code.

   Covid-19 cases are rising and all citizens are asked to take safety precautions recommended by health guidelines. Mary Davis reported the Triangle in front of her house belongs to her but she wishes to donate it to the Town through a quit-claim process. Town attorney will review the request.~