By Candy Chin

A Saturday morning in August we rolled up to our store, followed by a shiny black vehicle. “We just found a little dog in the middle of the Tremperskill Road. She jumped right into our car. Do you know who might belong to her?”

We leapt into action: message machines lit up and down the road. No calls back. Eddie said to try Dan Elwood. “He lives down that way.” (I hadn’t thought of that.) Linda phoned right back. “I think it’s Uncle Don’s. Lucy gets out sometimes.”

Events tumbled into place. Uncle Don arrived, followed by Linda and Danny. The people who found Lucy and I shed happy tears.

Before the reunion, Lucy had been wagging her tail, enjoying the attention, and trying for a bit of in-house sniffing. We were recalling our own pet stories and passed a pleasant (though uncertain) forty minutes. We grew rather fond of Lucy!

The final moments were a blur, and before I got the names of Lucy’s saviors, everyone was driving away, my pen in my hand. I do know they live in Andes “across from Susan Doig.” People like them make our little town so special.~