By Peter Calvert

Town of Andes Council Meeting, Sept 8th, 2020
Via Zoom Meeting 

Present: Supervisor Wayland “Bud” Gladstone, Councilmen Shayne Moshier, Ritchie Gabriel, Thomas Hall, Dale Cole. Rachel Andrews for the Pool Report. Town Clerk Kimberly Tosi. Kelly Zimmerman, Delaware Academy School District Superintendent, Sean Leddy, Delaware Academy Board Member. Called to order: 7:03-7:27 pm – from 7:28-7:58 pm adjourned to go into Executive session for personnel matters, following that came back into public session through the meeting’s end.

Kelly Zimmerman, Delaware Academy School District Superintendent, was introduced to the Board and made a presentation on how Delaware Academy would be open this Fall. Kindergarten and 1st grade will go full time on campus as will the Seniors. The 7th grade is small enough to be full time as well. The other grades will be split with half the class going M-T and the other half W-F. Periodically they will swap the schedule so each student will have the same amount of in-person learning and online learning. The teachers will be on campus full time. Many days were spent over the Summer on training and prep for the staff and teachers to facilitate this process and healthy conditions. Zimmerman is confident they will succeed in providing continuity of curriculum and a quality education.

Andes Pool: Rachel Andrews, Pool Director, reported the Pool closed September 7th after a very popular season, with about 30 visitors per day during the latter part of the season as the weather was considerably cooler. The pool lining repairs need to be addressed and a company that does those types of repairs will be in the region this Fall and can give a quote if pictures showing the issue are sent to them ahead of time. Additionally, Andrews is working on resolving the issue that the fence surrounding the pool is not up to current code. Andrews and the Pool staff were complimented on their great work during the season under difficult circumstances.

Art Short, code Enforcement Officer supporters outside Town Hall.

Artie Short, Code Enforcement Officer’s report: 11 C. of O.s searched, 4 C. of O.s approved. Also 15 investigations.

John Bouton, Highway Report: Mowed, patched, and cleared fallen wood from roads. Repaired work vehicles.

Bud Gladstone, Supervisor’s Report: If you have not done it already, please fill out the census online. It is vital for the region’s representation and funding. Just before the Board adjourned to go into Executive session for personnel matters, Bud Gladstone made a statement in response to town rumors about how decisions are made regarding personnel behind closed doors. Gladstone explained that by law personnel decisions must be made in private sessions. They are not allowed to discuss these matters in public meetings. However, he said, the Board has always acted in full transparency regarding the process. They then adjourned for the executive personnel session. When the Board reconvened the public Zoom session, they held a vote on the Resolution 22 of 2020 Code Enforcement Officer/Building Inspector/Fire Inspector Appointment. By a vote of 3-2 they approved Resolution 22 of 2020 Code Enforcement Officer/Building Inspector/Fire Inspector Appointment: Be it resolved Town Board of Andes hereby appoints Al Mohr to the position of Code Enforcement Officer/Building Inspector/Fire Inspector with a one year term January 1st, 2021- December 31st, 2021.

  The Andes Town Board also authorized Supervisor Gladstone to sign the tentative union agreement between CSEA Local 1000 AFSCME, AFL-CIO and the Town of Andes Unit #6615.~

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