On Saturday, September 12th, Fire Chief Dale Tait and President Vanna Masterson presented the annual Andes Fire Department Awards at the Andes Fire Department Pavilion during their annual Clam Bake. Tony Perosi was recognized for 25 years of service as a firefighter and commissioner, with a plaque and a 25-year watch. Harvey Morse received a plaque for 50 years of service as a firefighter and commissioner. Gordon Krick was named EMS of the Year and Dave Ruff  was named Firefighter of the Year. Others celebrating work anniversaries included Mike Edelson (5-year), Rich Johnson and Jason Mondore (10-year), Joe Berghammer (30-year ), and Jay Tweedie (40-year ).

Mike Edelson, EMS of the Year Gordie Krick, Jay Tweedie, Joe Berghammer, and Harvey Morse


Firefighter of the Year – Dave Ruff