Town of Andes Council Meeting, July 14th Via Zoom Meeting

By Peter Calvert

Present: Supervisor Wayland “Bud” Gladstone, Councilmen Shayne Moshier, Ritchie Gabriel, Thomas Hall, Dale Cole. Building Inspector Artie Short; Highway Superintendent John Bouton; Rachel Andrews for the Pool Report. Town Clerk Kimberly Tosi absent with reason. Via Zoom: Peter Calvert, and  Office Intern Assistant were present. Meeting called to order: 7:06 pm & adjourned: 7:47 pm to go into Executive Session.

Andes Pool: Rachel Andrews, Pool Director, reported that the pool opened June 22nd and so far has been very popular. Currently, the swim classes are all at maximum enrollment and the Pool is well staffed with lifeguards and swim teachers. Jim Andrews has been helping manage maximum safe capacity at the pool entry gate as needed. Twice, capacity of 50 visitors has been reached and the families that have been there the longest, past one hour. have been asked to leave the pool.

Discussion took place regarding plumbing issues in the Women’s restroom. Several concrete suggestions were made by Council Members to potentially resolve the issue. In the opening of the Council meeting, the pool staff and service to community were praised for their work, their situation management, and what it has already meant to families and our community.

Supervisor’s Report: Titan Drilling drilled 400 feet down yesterday on the School Grounds next to the corner of the tennis courts. Unfortunately, that depth only returned 8 gallons a minute and that does not meet the Town’s needs. High Street location will again be pursued. The cost of the drilling is paid for out of grant monies. Thanks to Pamela Stone for access to get the drilling rigs into the school grounds site. Garbage was left behind at Ballantine Park following a couple picnicking there. Should a garbage can be installed or is the policy still to carry out any items you carry in? Council believes carry in/carry out is the best policy to keep the Park clean.

RFP (Request for Proposal) is being prepared to see if any company wants to manage and market (for a percentage) the Cell Tower Project around Andes. There is also interest in the numerous railway ties the Town has for sale, both for purchase and for use in edging gardens on Town properties. Finally, the Water System for the town has a possible leak and a camera needs to be run through the pipes to determine the source of the issue.

Transfer Station Update: Contractor Misuse;  A reminder to all contractors in Andes: You must take all of your materials to the landfill in Walton.  This is an ongoing concern and has continued recently.  Info from Shayne: The compactor has been rebuilt, rewelded and fixed by the team at Romo Machine. The building also has roof and wall leakage issues that need to be addressed as the structure dates to the 1970s. Council Members will meet there Saturday 9 am with Bud Gladstone to assess the extent of the problem and make a plan to solve it.

Highway Report: Highway crew continues to repair roads, mow sides of roadways and clear fallen debris.  The Town paid all its warrants and bills.
Herr Road Cemetery Cleanup: Councilman Hall is waiting for a letter so this Summer/Fall his son can volunteer cleaning up the cemetery for an Eagle Scout Merit Badge project.  ~