TOWN OF ANDES SPECIAL MEETING-HIGHWAY BIDS AND COVID-19 DECISIONS March 30th, 2020 6 pm, Via Skype Meeting — May 2020

Peter Calvert could not attend this virtual meeting but based this article on the excellent minutes of Kimberly Tosi, Town Clerk.

Present: Supervisor Wayland “Bud” Gladstone, Councilmen Shayne Moshier, Thomas Hall, Dale Cole. Town Clerk Kimberly Tosi and Highway Superintendent John Bouton. Councilman Ritchie Gabriel-Absent & Excused. Meeting called to order: 6:13 pm and adjourned: 6:59 pm.

   COVID-19 Decisions:

   April 2020 Regular Town Board Meeting was Canceled, but still paid all bills as normal, the hauling and rental bid opening still took place on April 10th but was not be open to the public, and bids were approved by email. The Town Hall will remain closed indefinitely at this time.

   April 2020 Water Bill: Andes Town Board acknowledges that the current COVID-19 crisis has caused financial and other hardships to those who receive service from Andes Water District #1 and for those who may need extra time in fulfilling water payments the due date for the April 2020 Water Bill, currently due on April 30th, will be extended to June 30th.

Andes Food Bank needs a stand-up freezer.  The Town Board opted to purchase a freezer not to exceed $1,000 for Food Bank to use after their move to the Railroad Station.  The Town will maintain ownership of the freezer, it will just be there for their use.

   Transfer Station Update: On Wednesdays and Saturdays Artie Short has been there to help slow traffic. Board authorized this additional attendant for safety reasons at least through end of April. Anyone who needs a permit sticker must obtain one by mail and may contact the Town Clerk’s Office for more information.

   Sewer Update: From Cedarwood Environmental Services: “We understand that during this time, there will be increased cleaning and disinfection schedules.  We please ask that residents do not flush these materials down the toilet and properly dispose of them in the garbage.  These materials include any fibrous wipes, including baby wipes, Clorox wipes, etc., Swiffer mop heads, paper towels, or any other materials that are not labeled “septic safe”.  Please do not flush rags, towels, microfiber cloth, or any other cloth.  These materials have the potential to plug up pipes, pumps, and wastewater treatment plant headworks systems.”
Union Contract MOA- COVID-19 Work Agreement: Due to the emergency declaration regarding the COVID-19 virus, all Union employees shall be re-assigned to work from their homes and shall be paid their regular rate; all employees shall remain ready to report to work within their normal working hours by their supervisor if the need arises.  If work is required outside of normal working hours, conditions outlined in the collective bargaining agreement shall apply. All employees shall be paid at a rate of one-and-a-half (1.5) of their normal hourly rate if they are called to report to work. This agreement shall be in effect from 3/19/20 until close of business 4/2/20.  If there is a need to extend this agreement longer, the parties shall discuss and do so by mutual consent.

Highway Department-The original two-week closure of the Highway Department expired on April 2nd.  Highway Superintendent Bouton brought them back to work full time with policies in place to make sure social distancing is maintained, on 10-hour days.  Councilman Hall suggested employees wipe everything down daily and allow no public access.

Highway Vehicle Bids Opening: One Tractor Bid received: *Stephenson Equipment Inc. $78,195.00 non-collusive bidding certificate included with pictures of the tractor.  No warranty. Andes Town Board accepted the bid from Stephenson Equipment, Inc. for a 2016 or Newer Tractor with Boom Mower Head with 2000 hours or less for $78,195.00.

Two Truck Bids: *Country Club, $34,171.27 for a 2020 ¾ Ton. Non-collusive bidding certificate included and list of options. *Romeo, $34,097.50 for a 2020 ¾ Ton. Non-collusive bidding certificate included. Both trucks are currently available, and both are by Chevy. Andes Town Board accepted the bid from Romeo Chevrolet for a 2020 or newer 2500 Pickup Truck or equivalent for $34,097.50. ~