By Pamela West-Finkle

As you have guessed, we continue to be closed to the public until further notice.  Because we are a small library and a small community, I am continuing the curbside pickup once per week.  If you are desperate for a movie or a book, give me some titles via email and the next time I come into the library, I will fill your order and call you to pick it up.

Please continue to keep your current materials at home. There will be no fees charged during this time. DO NOT leave them on the porch of the library or try to put them in the drop box.  When we start to gradually reopen, we will have a week in which we will take the returns, disinfect, and quarantine them for a set amount of time.

If you have research questions and don’t have access to Google or online services, feel free to call my voice mail at 607-441-8448 or email and I will get you the information you need.

If you are tech savvy and have something special you would like to post on our Facebook page for online content, we would LOVE your ideas!  I am doing my story time at 11 am Wednesdays and plan on maybe some music or cooking demonstrations.  You could share your talents with our patrons too!  Let me know what you would like to do and we’ll try to make it happen.  Even though Patrons cannot visit a library physically at this time, many libraries in the area are trying to create interesting digital content for their websites and social media pages.

Lastly, keep a journal or write an essay about your experience through this pandemic.  Make a video or record a song.  We’d love to get copies of all of these things to compile into a local history document and time capsule.

I miss seeing you and can’t wait for this to be all over, but please be patient.  If you are browsing the Internet and have nothing else to do, search the Spanish Flu of 1918-1919.  It sounds a lot like COVID-19.

Be safe. Stay healthy. Our thoughts are with you!~