LIBRARY NOTES – March 2020

By Pamela West-Finkle

Winter is quickly passing without the frigid temperatures we have had these last few years. We have had some ice, though, so if you feel you do not want to risk the walk from the parking area behind Blink at 454 Lower Main, you may enter and exit through the back door of the temporary library.

As always, March brings mud…lots of mud. Keeping this in mind, please be careful when parking close to the deck behind Blink because we have had one person already get stuck in the mud. We are looking into getting some crushed stone back there, but until then, if it looks really muddy, you may want to consider parking on the street or closer to Wayside Cider.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. Also, just a reminder, please do not park in the drive next to Blink, even if you plan to make a quick trip in and out of the library. The drive is very busy with traffic throughout the day and is an easement for a farm that is behind Wayside Cider, so we have been asked to mention to the community that parking in the drive, even for a short time, is prohibited.

Tax Forms and Census:

The Andes Library has received an ample supply of New York State tax forms.  They are organized in a box close to the community table in the back of the temporary library. Please help yourself. In addition, if you made less than $69,000 in 2019, you can file your New York State taxes for free by visiting and searching Free File.  Unfortunately, we do not have federal tax forms on hand. I heard that the Cannon Library in Delhi had some, but they are going fast. I would call to confirm before taking the trip.

Invitations to complete the 2020 Census will start coming in the mail as of March 12. This decennial count of all US residents determines political representation and the annual allocation of an estimated $1.5 trillion in federal funding. For the first time, the responses can be made online, as well as by phone or mail.

We currently have two public-use computers, free Wifi for your own device, and can assist you if you need help getting online.  Once you receive your Census invitation, whether mailed to you or left at your door, you can respond online at and use the information provided to you to login. The form only takes 10 minutes to complete, but the impact of who is counted (or not) lasts for 10 years.

Construction Project Update and Fundraisers: 

We are happy to report that the construction project at 242 Main Street is moving along nicely and we project that we’ll be able to start moving in and organizing our storage materials as early as mid-April. If you would like to volunteer, please let us know via phone or email and we will keep you informed of the date (most likely a Saturday in the latter half of April). We plan to rent a moving truck for that move, load up all storage, and unload through the back door of the library as contractors will be working on the porch and roof at that time.  Once the exterior work is done, we are hoping to hire a mover to get us moved out of Blink and back into the other library. We will need help packing and that move will most likely take place during the last two weeks of May. If all goes well, we will be back in our newly renovated home by June 1st.

A series of fundraisers will be planned throughout the year to help the library meet its remaining construction costs and operating costs for the remainder of 2020 and we will keep you “in the know” with emails and flyers, however, we are asking that you save the date for a special fundraiser that will be tons of fun for all.

We plan to kick off the summer season with a Sizzle n’ Salsa Summer Soirée at Willow Drey Farm on Saturday, June 6th from 6 to 9pm.  More information coming in the next Library Notes and in our email shout-outs to patrons.~