By Buffy Calvert

At the Town Board on September 10th, Suzanne Gladstone reported from the Comprehensive Plan Committee that they have prepared a Survey to collect data and opinions from every taxpayer. You will receive it in the mail with a postage paid return envelope

The last Comprehensive Plan was prepared and published in 2003 so a new one is needed. The questionnaire is 8 pages long. It explores your status as well as your preferences for future development and services in Andes.  After they are collated, the Committee will hold a Public Hearing on the Plan based on the community responses, probably in Spring 2020. The new Comprehensive Plan for Andes will be published that year and guide our future.

   Everyone is urged to fill out the survey and return it!

   Ping Lin, who lives on Lower Main Street, raised a question about snow removal during the Privilege of the Floor segment: Since some residents of the Hamlet have sidewalks which everyone uses and some residents do not provide any sidewalk for the public, why do those who provide them have to clear them of snow or pay a fine? Shouldn’t the Town include snow removal in its budget?

   Bud Gladstone, Supervisor, said the Board would take his idea under advisement.

   In his report, Gladstone announced that the Electric Car Charging station has been installed in the Andes Public Library parking area. It is next to the pump house, and perhaps vulnerable to parking errors. The solution: Gladstone will donate choice rocks to form a barrier on either side.

   Pamela West-Finkle, Andes Public Library Director, submitted a letter to the Board, telling them that the library renovation to make it handicapped accessible will soon be underway. It will require the library to move for about 10 months to Blink (across from the blinking light on Main Street). The projected cost of construction (raised floor, new roof, accessible bathroom) is $454,000. Grants from NYS, and various foundations should cover it, but she asks for the Town to stand ready to pick up any overage. The Board voted a resolution that affirms their support for the project and suggests that if there is need, the Library Board of Trustees could approach the Town with a request.

   Jesse Tosi, who has been monitoring the Transfer Station for a number of months, submitted a detailed report on his observations and suggestions for improvement in its set-up and organization. The Transfer Station Committee will study the report and come back to the Board on it.

   The Board will hold a Budget Workshop on Wednesday, September 18th at 6 pm. Next Town Board meeting will be October 8th, at 7 pm. ~