LIBRARY NOTES – September 2019

By Pamela West-Finkle

Happy Birthday Andes!  This year’s parade was amazing and it was so great to watch it from the porch of the Andes Library. All throughout the day, many of our book sale books found new homes.  Thank you to our volunteers and board members who took turns manning the book sale throughout the day.

Navy Band Concert a success! Many thanks to the U.S. Navy Band Country Current for choosing us as one of their eight stops on their national tour and to Delaware Academy in Delhi for being willing to host the event.  It was quite an undertaking to distribute 700 tickets, but thanks to the help of our staff and volunteers, as well as the Cannon Free Library in Delhi, the Huntington Library in Oneonta, the Veteran’s Outreach Center in Stamford, and Delaware Academy, many people from around the region had a chance to be entertained by this amazingly talented ensemble. A huge thank you to Deb Abbate for another great bake sale, to the Delaware County Sherriff’s Department for the event security, and to the administrative and custodial staff at Delaware Academy.

Moving day for the Andes Public Library has finally arrived!  After two long years of work, we are finally embarking on our construction project and we have to temporarily relocate the library to 454 Lower Main Street, the location of the Blink Gallery right at the blinking light in the center of town. We apologize in advance, but we will end up closing for a week or two as we make the transfer.  At publication time, we do not have exact moving dates, but are awaiting to hear from Delhi College to see when some of their students are available for community service. We will send out a mass email to everyone who wishes to volunteer to help with the move.

Needs: Small boxes (we have been going to the liquor stores), strong arms and backs, a flatbed truck or pickup trucks, volunteers with automatic drills and hand tools to help dismantle shelving, pallets (for our storage space at Citi Hope).

Pilot Library: We are not bringing everything to the Blink Gallery space, just our new fiction and non-fiction, hand selected older books from both sections, our local history books, all of our DVDs and audio books, and some hand-selected children’s, juvenile, and young adult books.  Anything we do not have or cannot find because it is in storage, we are happy to order for you from the Four County System. We are also working to get our patron computers and printers up and running as quickly as possible because we know how much the community needs our technology services.

When will our renovations be complete? Well, that is hard to say.  We are scheduled to move back to our library in June of 2020, but much of that depends upon when the contractors can schedule us in, what the weather does, and on top of everything, we discovered we do have a small asbestos abatement to take care of.

So, for now, I say SYOTOS….See You On The Other Side….of town!~