The Andes Recorder
100 Years Ago

Culled by Judy Garrison from

With Commentary by Jim Andrews

The Andes Recorder
100 Years Ago

Events of a week as chronicled by
the Man on the Street

All roads will lead to Andes, on Wednesday, August 6th, the date set for the Welcome Home demonstration to be given by the townspeople in honor of the boys from the town of Andes in service during the World War.

The day’s celebration will begin with a parade at 1 o’clock, headed by the Andes Military Band, and made up of the Andes Fire Department and Soldiers, Sailors and Marines.

Following the parade an attractive array of sports has been arranged for the entertainment of the boys and their friends. The program follows: Tug of war between Andes Fire Companies no. 1 and 2, ten men on each side.. One hundred yard dash for boys under 16. One hundred yard dash for men. Shotput. Baseball throw. Sack race. Standing broad jump. Running broad jump. Baseball game. Shavertown vs. Andes….At 6 p.m. a banquet will be held free to all returned service men of the town to each of whom will be given an extra dinner ticket for their sweetheart, wife, mother or whoever they choose to bring with them…In the evening everybody is invited to participate in the soldiers welcome home dancing party at Union Hall. Tickets free to all soldiers.. Remember this is the one day planned for when all the citizens…unite in honoring their brave sons for their part in helping win the great war.


  Some ten days ago a man named Will Jameison, who has relatives at Union Grove, hired to the Andes Creamery company. With him came a woman, who claimed to be his wife, and they procured board at Reed Dumond’s. Tuesday night a large car containing the real husband of the woman and the Sheriff of Ulster county, came to town and demanded that the woman return with him to their four children and she went. Jameison disappeared during the night. [Jim Andrews: I doubt that the Sheriff’s Department could legally go to such lengths today.]

  Our high school pupils cannot spell, punctuate or capitalize. [JA: Things haven’t changed!] They have a smattering of some useless things besides the essential things, and are pushed out into life unprepared for real work…The regents’ examinations are a curse to our educational system, because they override the judgment of the teacher who knows best the efficiency of the student, and makes a gamble of the examinations. [JA: This sounds very familiar. Now, 100 years later, teachers are still required to “teach to the test” which stifles creativity and many times results in inaccurate ratings of a school’s success.] A year or so ago Dr. Simon Flexner of the Rockafeller [sic] foundation declared that our school and college curricula were two hundred years behind the times, that while every other line of intellectual endeavor had progressed, our schools and colleges were out of date.

H Shafer has sold his farm on Dingle Hill to a Swede. [JA: Bigotry reigns!] [Ed.: Or perhaps in those days people felt compelled to point out all the deviations from Anglo-Saxon heritage, which they considered the norm.]

  General March unrolled the program of the War Department for the creation of a standing army of over five hundred thousand men and the plan for compulsory military training. The cost of these two objects is estimated to be pretty well on to a billion dollars annually. It is proposed to take annually by compulsion some five hundred thousand boys and for three months give them military training. We entered the war to destroy militarism and now the proposition is to establish Prussianism in the United States.

U. Fluckiger has rented rooms in the Hunting hotel building [JA: After the Hunting Hotel closed as a tavern in the 1870s, it was divided up into small apartments, one of which was still occupied when the Gladstone family donated the building to the ASHC in 1976] and will move from the Mayham house on Delaware avenue.


A festival will be held on the U. P. church lawn Wednesday evening, August 27—green corn, hot dogs, coffee, ice cream and cake.


  Ward Pitcher, fifty-eight years old, of Silver Mountain, near Millerton, is dead, as the result of drinking a homemade concoction of molasses, cracked corn and yeast. After partaking of the drink Mr. Pitcher went out to work in the hay field and later was taken ill and died. [JA: It’s interesting that the concoction’s recipe was given—just as the recipe for making meth is very accessible on the Internet today.]

  A black bear was seen Tuesday at A. Silver’s, on the old Calhoun farm, on Palmer Hill. It was busy eating blackberries.

  The new plant of the Andes Creamery company was initiated Tuesday night by a big dance—dancing on two floors. It is estimated that fully 500 people were present.~