By Buffy Calvert

The Town Board held a Special Meeting at 5:30 pm on July 9th for Debra Abbate and Joanne Callahan They propose to buy a roll-up wooden dance floor to cover the carpet so 5 couples can twirl around as the instructors demonstrate on the stage. (Both Abbate and Callahan are professional dance teachers.)  They promise to keep the place clean and assure the Board they will handle promotion. What else would the Board require?

It was quickly agreed that the petitioners would buy supplemental insurance. Questions arose about alcohol. They prefer not to serve or allow it. The Board thought that wise.

Later, during the regularly scheduled meeting, the Board voted to charge no fee for use of the Depot by residents. Non-residents will be charged $50. A $100 deposit to cover cleaning is refundable if the place is found clean after use. Everyone must secure liability insurance: $1,000,000 with the Town as additionally insured. No alcohol to be served.  Music, of course, at reasonable decibels. Sounds like fun!

Pool Director Rachel Andrews reported that the Pool opened June 18th! 401 people enjoyed it in June; 83 young learners are now taking morning lessons; South Kortright is sending 75 CROP kids at noon; and the Andes Emergency Squad was scheduled for in-service training in July. This reporter can attest to the happy cries that rise from the pool daily. Except during adult swim when she hears only the rhythm of steady laps and the snap of the diving board. The pool is open daily from 12-7: 10-12 for lessons, 12-7 for free swim except for Adult Swim: Monday, Wednesday & Friday 5-6, Tuesday & Thursday 6-7. Weekends: Saturday 10-12; Sunday 1-7. Come and enjoy! ~