By Buffy Calvert

C&D! How to cut our costs? On June 11th, the Town Board heard from Commissioner Sue McIntyre and Tyson Robb of the County Department of Public Works on the issue of Construction and Demolition (C&D) dumping at the transfer station. DPW offers Andes 20% of the tonnage of garbage we collect as a write-off on our C&D waste. Supervisor Bud Gladstone asked her how other towns curb the amount of C&D trash. She asked about stickers. Yes, we have them, limited to residents. Fees? Yes; $1 per sticker. Should we lower the amount allowed below the current 55 gallon container?  McIntyre pointed out that some residents (or contractors) hold property in more than one town. Since Middletown accepts no C&D, dual residents may come to Andes instead of trekking to Walton and paying the fee. The issue stimulated some discussion and will be revisited by the Board. **Please note that effective immediately the Andes Transfer station will no longer accept C&D material from contractors.**

   The Gladstone Pool: Councilman Ritchie Gabriel and Director Rachel Andrews reported that they expect the Pool to be open on June 19th. Registration for classes will start on July 5th. Classes begin on July 8th from 10-12 and end August 9th.  The pool will be open until Labor Day.

   ACS Wall along Liddle Brook: The several areas of the wall that have fallen need to be attended to. DEP is on board with its reconstruction. The Andes Flood Commission, SHPO (The NYS Historic Preservation Office), DEC, ACS and other entities will weigh in and a plan will be set. Stay tuned.

   Emergency Services Towers: Towers are up. July and August are set for a test of the new system by Emergency Services after which cell service can be installed if a provider is found.

   Fireworks Display: The Hotel applied for a permit to have fireworks on July 27th. Granted if their neighbors agree.

The Town Board Meeting is cancelled for August.  ZBA will meet on 2nd Monday at 7 pm in future. ~