By Buffy Calvert

Peg Ellsworth, Executive Director of the MARK Project, announced to the Town Board that 9 commercial or mixed-use buildings on Main Street would receive their share of a $496,000 grant to reconfigure or refurbish their façades. The success of this application resulted from a planning and design study done with a previous $20,000 grant. The chosen buildings are: The Tin Horn, Cantina, Jessica Daley’s building on the corner of High Street, Apple Tree Realty, Woody’s Country Kitchen (now Rosalino’s Diner), Citi-Hope, 2 Old Tarts, The Hotel, and 60 Main.

Of these, one had to drop out so the parameters of the area have been widened to include The Hunting Tavern to the Rail Trail and up Delaware Avenue to Dirty Girl Farm. Applications for one new building will be ready May 1st.  A committee of one member each from the Town Board, the Planning Board and the community will score the applications for high visual impact, creation of new jobs, historical integrity, etc. Top scorer will win.

Ellsworth said that MARK had had to invest $5,000 in the application process. Could Andes help out? Supervisor Bud Gladstone thought it “would be foolish to refuse.” The Town Board agreed.

Frank Winkler, Chair of the Planning Board, who was in the audience, praised Ellsworth and the MARK Board President, Susan Dey, for their expertise and hard work on our behalf.

In regular Town business, Councilman Ritchie Gabriel and Rachel Andrews, Pool Director, reported that higher life guard chairs will be purchased. Travis Balcom is constructing the new shed. The Fire Department will soon drain the pool so it can be cleaned. 80-100 kids from South Kortright will take classes weekly at our pool next summer.

Gladstone announced that 2 electric-car-charging spots will be set up in the library parking area next to the pump house from which the electric line will be drawn. With their installation, and the new LED streetlights, which were approved, and the Code Enforcement Officer’s attendance at a seminar, Andes will be an Energy Efficient Community and eligible for a $5,000 grant.

Winkler, Chair of the Comprehensive Plan Review Committee, asked the Board to approve the distribution of a survey to all town residents to get their concerns and recommendations for Andes’ future. The mailing with a self-addressed, prepaid return envelope will cost $1,700. The Board deemed this the best way to reach out to and hear from a good swath of residents. They approved the request.

As to the Permit Fee increases listed in last month’s Gazette, the Board approved them without the provision of a Public Hearing. ~