Spring is just around the corner bringing rain instead of snow, and promising the signs we look for:  returning birds, blooming gardens and fields, greening trees.  As the SnakPak program enters its final months for the 2018-2019 school year, we look back with sincere gratitude to those who make this program possible.

The Cabin Hill Presbyterian Church has encouraged and advocated for this program over a span of many years. Their substantial financial support gives us continuity, and we could not maintain the program without the foundation that their generosity has built. Members and the leadership of this church provide individual support through volunteering, gifts and financing special occasions. Thank you, Cabin Hill Presbyterian Church.

The Andes Presbyterian Church has provided the space for the program since its inception.  Each week we use their kitchen and utensils to prepare the individual snack sacks.  Storage space, refrigerator space, heat and electricity are freely given.  Members and leadership of this church volunteer and also financially support festive SnakPaks at special times of the year.  Thank you, Andes Presbyterian Church.

This is a generous community.  There are many, many ways that neighbors are supporting each other and we are grateful and honored to be part of that network of support.  Year after year you support the parents of the K-4th grade students at Andes Central School as they ensure that their children get a healthy start in their young lives.  Thank you!~