RANDOM ACTS… — March 2019

By Candy Chin

A funny thing happened at the Tremperskill Store. Near the end of the day, our 1949 Globe meat cutter STOPPED! BIG PROBLEM.
Tom, with an electrical background, and Eddie decided it was The Toggle Switch. Shayne (here for 5 pm coffee hour), with knowledge of motors, added to the diagnosis-discussion.
Tim wandered in from across the road, went home for More Tools. Then, Scott, a mechanic-at-times, popped in, and more Discussion, Deliberation, Sparks and Pops ensued. (So intense were the Men at the Cutter, Scott had forgotten his wife in the car, and she joined the group, too.)
By 7 pm we left the patient on its side, body parts askew. Next morning, John dropped by and was told, “No bacon due to no cutter.” “Hmmm,” he said. “I can loan you my (1939?) model, but let me have a look…”
More doctoring, studying, deliberation, and, sparing the many details, John and Ed figured out the Rest! The slicer is purring again. Miraculous!

Five heads and hearts are better than one. Andes is filled with beautiful people, always there for each other—in any circumstance. And this time the kindness was for us! Thank you, guys. ~