As the SnakPak program resumes after the Christmas break, we want to acknowledge and appreciate our partners in this program.  Without their support, there would be no SnakPaks.

  • The Andes Presbyterian Church donated materials and contents for the annual Christmas Stockings.  The colorful stockings were decorated and filled by a group of merry elves and distributed by the ACS staff.
  • The ACS staff has been so supportive of this program, and we’d like to especially mention Cindy Bramley, School Nurse, and Jan Stevens, Confidential Secretary to Dr. Robert Chakar.
  • You, the community, have embraced us and made it possible for us to provide this service to our community children.  We celebrate your gifts.
  • Jack and Nancy McShane, you are angel unicorns.

We know that the SnakPaks provide a nutritious lift at the end of the school day.  Feedback from staff and parents tell us that the children eat every veggie, fruit, and protein snack.  Often they trade items as they dig through their sacks. Hurrah for healthy snacking habits! ~