By Buffy Calvert

Three complaints about Andes roads were voiced at the Town Board meeting on October 9th. Norberto Rosmaninho of Weaver Hollow threatened to “lawsuit the town” over the state of his road: “so bad I can’t drive.” Another attendee observed trees downed on Gladstone Hollow Road with debris left dangerously near a culvert. He was sure that the Highway Department was responsible and had worked without a permit. Supervisor Bud Gladstone received a letter signed by several citizens regarding a “misuse of Town funds” involved in the repair of a private driveway, also on Gladstone Hollow. Since Highway Superintendent Bouton was absent, the Supervisor promised to refer all the items to him.

The Board was heartily thanked for instituting an Information List for all residents. Anyone who would like to be alerted to emergencies as well as changes in schedules or Public Hearings can call or email Clerk Kim Tosi or register their email address on the Town’s website www.townofandes.com. Kim thanked Ann Roberti for the idea.

The Board adopted a Sexual Harassment Policy. All Board members, staff and employees will be trained annually in making the workplace comfortable for everyone as well as procedures to lodge complaints.

The Board reappointed Harvey Morse to the Assessment Appeals Board. In order that Tina Moshier, the Town Assessor, can have access to residents’ tax status, she was appointed to the post of Deputy Tax Collector. This is a post without pay. Councilman Gabriel suggested it be included in her job description as Assessor.

Note that the Town Board will be meeting on second Tuesdays at 6 pm instead of 7 in the Winter months of December, January and February. To avoid Election Day in November, the Board will meet Thursday, the 8th. There will be a Public Hearing at 6:45 to review the proposed 2019 Budget, meeting to follow at 7 pm. ~