APPROVALS ABOUND! – November 2018

By Buffy Calvert

The Planning Board held 4 Public Hearings, approved 3 Special Use Permits and 1 Minor Subdivision Boundary Line at a lively meeting Monday, October 15th.

As a result, the Harvest Café will operate in the FoodWorks+ building as a for-profit business serving breakfast and lunch. They were granted an amendment to their original permit. Although it is not up to the Planning Board to address the tax issue, it provoked spirited debate. Jim Thomson, representing IDA, the not-for-profit owner, agreed that the store and restaurant should pay taxes proportionate to the part of the building they use.

John and Robyn Ciccione were granted a permit to open and operate a Gourmet Coffee Bar and Shop in their building on Main Street with 2 AirBnBs upstairs. They will sell take-out coffees and whole roasted beans. Carol Bloise has graciously given them permission to use her adjoining parking lot for their employees, customers and guests.

John Mollott of the Hasbeens & Willbees former Cantina building on the corner of Main Street and Delaware Avenue asked for a Special Use permit to hold auctions, cultural events and performances in the first and second floors. Some concerns were raised about the lack of handicap accessibility and egress from the second floor, but the Board granted the permit.

A Minor Subdivision Boundary Line Adjustment on the properties of Andrew Fields and Marc Elovitz and Robert and Debra Abbate on Kovba Road, to which all the parties agreed, was readily approved. ~