The Way We Were – October 2018

Culled by Judy Garrison

 From October 1918 issues of

 The Andes Recorder 100 Years Ago

 Week In and About ANDES


Events of a Week as Chronicled by

the Man on the Street


Wm. J. Roney, of the 27th artillery, is home from Camp McClellan for a ten days furlough.



Second Lieutenant M. Linn Bruce, Jr. has been given command of a company in the 409th supply train of the Motor Transport Corps.


Archie J. Coulter moved this week to the Frisbee farm in Gladstone Hollow, which he recently purchased. Harry Frisbee has moved to the Jennie Bramley farm on the out-skirts of Andes village.


No election commission will be permitted to visit the battlefields of France this fall by order of the War Department. New York state men and women in the service overseas will not be given an opportunity of voting in the present campaign through a ruling of the War Department.


Saturday, October 12, is the four hundred and twenty-sixth anniversary of the discovery of America. President Wilson has proclaimed it Liberty Day and requests the citizens of every community in the United States—city, town, and countryside—to celebrate the day.


One hundred thirty handkerchiefs were delivered in Delhi last week, the allotment of the local Auxiliary for the line “shower.” …In knitting articles for the Red Cross it is essential that the directions be followed implicitly. Some knitters feel that they would rather follow their own rules, but if they will co-operate as the Red Cross asks, much valuable work and time will be saved. The Red Cross is a military organization. “Obey orders,” is its command.


Spanish influenza, Public Health services scientists believe, is very similar to the epidemic of grippe, which swept the country during the winter of 1889 and 1890. Very probably, the infection, resurrected in Europe, and after sweeping the war torn countries now has appeared in the United States, has a very ancient history taking it back to the day of Hippocrates and Livius, more than four hundred years before Christ….Surgeon General Blue has issued a leaflet, which tells something about the strange malady. “It seems probably that in 1918, as in 1889-90, the earliest appearance was in eastern Europe,” it says. …The king of Spain is said also to have been attacked in the present epidemic. The epidemic of 1918 was at its height in Germany in June and July. It has appeared in practically every section of Europe. In England the epidemic prevailed in May, June and July. “Outbreaks have been reported from various sections of the United States but the spread has been by no means so rapid as in 1889, when the disease occurred in American almost simultaneously with appearance in western Europe.”~