By Phyllis Galowitz

Looking through the sunporch windows, I was surprised by five turkeys parading across the backyard, their heads bobbing back and forth as they marched, single file, tall and straight. I wondered if they were the same family I had seen a couple of weeks before who, I thought, were  Mama, Papa and three teenagers. This group was all the same size; could the young’uns have grown so quickly? I watched as they made their way across the yard and out of sight. What attracted them to my yard? I have nothing that I would think they’d like. I often see gangs of them on a farm on the Andes/Delhi Road and I assume they’re attracted to the seeds, newly planted. Whatever it is, they do seem to congregate there. Maybe they are purposely there. Maybe they’re meant for someone’s Thanksgiving table! My neighbor and friend, Joe Grieco, always has a wild turkey that he orders long in advance for Thanksgiving, and it lasts long afterward in all kinds of dishes that he makes from the carefully frozen and individually packaged remains. I get the benefit of some of them and I can tell you, they are delicious!

But getting back to this parade, marching stalwartly across my backyard—what brought them here? It was a sight to behold; about as exciting as watching a mother deer and her newborn baby, a few weeks before, making their way across the yard, the baby right against the mother’s side. Then the mother, who seemed to have 360 degree vision, saw me watching, scampered up the hill and into the woods, baby sticking to her like glue, and both disappeared from sight.

Yes, the birds are still avoiding this area and I haven’t figured out why; except for some hummingbirds that like the food I prepare for them. But there’s always something exciting for me to see, either in my backyard, during my walk along Route 28, or even at my basement door, where I recently saw a large turtle, meandering boldly by!~