THE WAY WE WERE – September 2018

The Way We Were

Culled by Judy Garrison

 From September 1918 issues of

The Andes Recorder 100 Years Ago

Week In and About ANDES


Events of a Week as Chronicled by

the Man on the Street


With Commentary by Jim Andrews


Herbert Ballantine, who has been cashier on the Hendrick Hudson of the Hudson river day line, is visiting his parents here.


Thos. Bouton has closed his pool room and ice cream business. He recently traded the property for a farm with William Shackelton. [Jim Andrews: This was where Dorothy McArdle’s real estate office is now.]


Andes has a few who insist on running their automobiles on Sunday—front line trenches for them. [JA: Remember the Sabbath Day…….]


The Board of Supervisors met in special session Thursday evening and awarded the contract to build the new Delaware county tuberculosis hospital below Delhi…[JA: Isn’t this what eventually became the Sanitarium and Infirmary—the predecessor to Countryside?]


Mrs. Helen Gorsch, daughter of the late John C. Bohlmann, has conveyed the Bohlmann homestead to the village of Andes, as a Public park.


The opening drive for the Fourth Liberty Loan will start Monday, September 30. Andes will open the drive by holding a Service Flag Raising, a big parade, with addresses by noted speakers, and a final ball game between Shavertown and Andes teams. The parade will consist of the Village Officers of Andes, the Town Officers, the Andes Band, business men of the Town, Fire Department, Liberty Bell Float, the Schools of the Town, Red Cross Nurses, and every Auto in town is asked to come. Decorate your car and bring a load of people with you. The Service Flag will contain 56 stars, in honor of the boys who have left for service from the Town of Andes. Addresses will be given by Lincoln R. Long….Make this a legal holiday and come to Andes for the celebration.

The government has ordered that all newspaper subscriptions be paid for in advance and we are asking all of our subscribers who are in arrears to make an early settlement. This is not a discretionary matter with the publisher, but a government order and must be obeyed. In order to comply with this the Recorder requests its subscribers to remit without waiting for a statement, thus performing a patriotic service [italics ours]  and conferring a favor on the publisher. The drastic order goes into effect October 1st. [Maria Ditchek: Just to put your mind at ease, we at The Andes Gazette  give our subscribers two months’ grace.]~