JUST PHYLLISOPHY: Water, Water Everywhere but No Birds -September 2018

By Phyllis Galowitz

Where have all the birds gone? Are they hiding beneath the bushes to keep out of the torrential rain we’ve been having all summer? I used to complain about the squirrels and chipmunks who parked themselves either on, or inside, the bird feeder, not allowing the birds to eat their share of sunflower seeds, or the bears or raccoons who swiped the feeder in the middle of the night and dropped it 50 feet away, breaking it to pieces and spilling out the seeds. I would keep replacing the feeders and the seeds until I recently decided it was an expensive form of entertainment to feed those backyard creatures and I wasn’t going to do it anymore!

When Cara (daughter #4) asked me what I’d like for my birthday, I said, “A squirrel-proof bird feeder.” And she gave me a top-of-the-line, squirrel-proof bird feeder that required a graduate degree in how to hang, fill and keep undesirable creatures from entering. She read the instructions and hung it on the pole. The next morning, sitting at the breakfast table, I watched as an adorable chipmunk made its way up the pole and lay down across the entrance, as if he was parked for the day, and proceeded to eat his way, slowly, through the 4 pounds of seed that the feeder held. When he had had his fill, he calmly made his way down the pole and scampered away. Not a bird has visited the feeder since, but the chipmunk returns daily. I’m not sure if birds know how to find their way to the food. Possibly, the instructions are not in a language that they understand, but I think it’s the rain that’s keeping them hidden under the bushes.

The tomatoes are not doing well either. I think they’re waterlogged, as is my lawn, that can’t be mowed because it’s too wet, and the basement floor that the Shop-Vac works on daily, to drink up all the water from, barely keeping up, as the water seeps through the drenched earth and finds refuge in the basement!

This card, based on complaints following the results of the new bird feeder, was made by Cara who watches my every move and creates cartoons depicting all my foibles. I must be more careful of what I do and say.~