By Buffy Calvert

At the July meeting of the Andes Town Board, Councilman Dale Cole announced that his aunt, Barbara Oliver Cole, had given him a valuable Gould Map of Delaware County that had hung in her home for many years. He is having it restored at Oneonta Arts and will give it to the Town for display in the Town Hall.

During the Privilege of the Floor period at the beginning of the meeting, an audience member noted that the Town had had trouble notifying residents of the Boil Water Advisory in the previous week. She suggested that the Town solicit voluntary email addresses from residents so Town Clerk Kim Tosi could alert them of an emergency by a single stroke of her computer key. Supervisor Wayland (Bud) Gladstone reported that they were consulting with the school which has a system in place and working out a solution for the Town.

Brian Greene and family, who have a place on Calhoun Road, raised the problem of a miss-set culvert which is spewing mud into their pond when it rains. It was determined, after input from everyone present, that his section of Calhoun Road is actually in Bovina. Highway Superintendent John Bouton and members of the Town Board regretted that they could not help him.

Bouton listed the road repairs and upgrades made over the past month. He warned that the annual passage of the Street Sweeper would start through the hamlet at 4:30 am on July 12th. Good to have the winter’s gravel and salt residue cleared away. But at 4:30 am? This reporter noted the actual passage of the growling machine at 8:30 Thursday morning. Clean streets at a very decent hour.

Bouton also agreed to showcase the 3 newest highway trucks in the Community Day parade. Our tax dollars at work!

Councilman Ritchie Gabriel announced that an average of 60 people use the pool every day. In addition, 85 children attend swimming lessons each morning. As we met, Pool Director Rachel Andrews with her lifeguards and the EMS Squad were conducting an emergency simulation at poolside. The sight of an ambulance in the driveway brought forcefully home the necessity of such preparation.

The Comprehensive Plan Committee needs a new member. Anyone interested should speak to a Town Board member.

Conversion of Town Hall lights to LED will cost $1,500. Shayne Moshier moved, “Do it!” All agreed.

Finally, after a discussion, the Board agreed to set fees for professional film producers tying up Town sites:

Application $350

Daily $100

Clean up  $500 (if necessary) ~