By Buffy Calvert

On the first day of summer, ACS Senior Laurynn Weaver stood on the bluestone patio in the center of a garden she had created to dedicate it to the memory of John Hopkins. His widow, Meg Hopkins, drew back the shroud to reveal a natural stone inscribed: The John Hopkins Memorial Garden / Member ACS School Board from 2002-2017. Members of the present School Board, Dr. Chakar, School Superintendent, School Secretary Jan Stevens, Laurynn’s proud parents, Donna and Ken Weaver, and a crowd of neighbors applauded.

Laurynn told us that she had cleaned up this area at the furthest reaches of the school grounds as part of an ecology class with Mr. McGee. She envisioned a patio and pool. When she was asked in September of her senior year to choose for her Senior Project something she was passionate about, she determined to make her dream come true. She chose Mr. McGee to be her faculty advisor and Bob Burgin of B&B Landscaping as her community mentor. After consultation with Graydon Dutcher of Soil and Water, she found that creation of a pool would involve DEC, DEP, special insurance and a fence. She re-envisioned her garden: boulders and a wall to create interest, gravel paths and artfully placed flowers surrounding the patio. Her class donated a handsome picnic table made by Harvey Morse. A Senior Project we can all admire and use!~