By Judy Garrison

Town Supervisor Bud Gladstone announced that bridgework on High Street (near the intersection with Main Street, close to Paisleys) will begin on June 19th.. [Ed.: It actually began on June 14th..]

MARK and the municipality of Andes received money for a conceptual assessment of downtown from Homes and Community Renewal New York Main Street. Residents were invited to a presentation by InSite Architecture which did the renderings and design guidelines, on Tuesday, June 19th at Wayside Cider.

The Andes Chamber wants to re-brand Andes, not using the Calico Indian logo, which the Town was about to have mounted on its vehicles. The Board voted to retain the existing logo and to buy 24 sets.

Rachel Andrews gave a report on the pool: Cleaning has been completed, and the pool may open as early as Sunday, June 17th.

The main focus of the Highway Department report given by Superintendent John Bouton had to do with a separated pipe on Beech Hill that needs replacement. He consulted with Wayne Reynolds of the County DPW who estimated that a 5/8 inch 30’ steel pipe would cost about $26,000. Bouton would like to use a 40’ pipe and will specify that size for all bidders. (A box culvert would be considerably more expensive.)

A tire bin will be at the Transfer Station from 7/14 until 7/28. The issue of excessive illegal dumping of CD at the Transfer Station causing our tonnage rates to increase appreciably was discussed as a cause of concern. How to prevent people without an Andes Transfer Station decal from dumping short of hiring someone to act as gatekeeper? The committee was tasked with offering recommendations at the next meeting.

Artie Short, code enforcement officer, reported that an exterior light in the Court Building parking light will be fixed by end of the week.

Bud cited the need to add a member to the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee since Lauren Archer, who represented the agricultural sector, is moving away. Alex Adelson as a planning board representative has been named, with Suzanne Gladstone, already a member of the committee, now to represent agriculture.

Robyn Ciccone and Bud Gladstone were both appointed to the Scenic Byway Advisory Committee.

The Water District  reported that a leak in the water system was filled and filters changed, resulting in a decrease in the average usage from 35,200  gallons per month to 25,700 gallons.~