The Way We Were – June 2018

Culled by Judy Garrison

 From June 1918 issues of

The Andes Recorder 100 Years Ago

 Week In and About ANDES


Events of a Week as Chronicled by the Man on the Street


John Connor, who was taken to Hotel Austin last Wednesday, put up a cash bail and was released Saturday pending an appeal. [Ed.: Sounds like a local jail. Anyone know what is being referred to?]


From a dance after the movies Tuesday night the Andes Red Cross netted $32.00.

German alien women must register at the various postoffices from June 17th to 26th.


The government will fix the price of wool and take what they need before any goes to the general trade. Local buyers must have a license or permit before they can buy wool.


Ice cream is a real food and not a delicacy only, says the State college of agriculture in calling attention to the fact that serving ice cream is one way in which people may respond to the appeal to use more milk. One quart of ice cream, of required standard, on an energy basis equals 8.75 pounds of strawberries, 5.11 pounds of bananas, 6.96 pounds of apples, 1½ pounds of round steak and 1½ dozen eggs.  Give the children plenty of pure ice cream, advises the college. As a dessert its cost is not greater than pie and cake and furnishes more nourishment.


There was great excitement in Shavertown Saturday night when six-year-old Madeline Owens, who lives with Henry Tiffany, failed to return home after having been sent for the cows. About 25 men searched all night without result and next morning this force was augmented to about 300 and their efforts were rewarded about noon on Sabbath by finding the little girl safe in the woods on the farm of Pulaski Conklin, which adjoins the Tiffany place. She had been intent on picking berries and wandered away. She was not frightened and when she could not find the house she laid down between two old logs and pulling some brakes over herself went to sleep and slept until morning. She then sat down by the stump where she was found. The men made up a purse of over $8 and gave her as a present.


Sabbath was the coldest June 23rd on record and people were not comfortable by kitchen fires. Snow was reported on Andrew Clapperton’s hill on Cabin Hill.


The enrollment of women in Delaware county is as follows: Republicans, 3,782; Democrats, 1,163; Prohibitionists, 560; Socialists, 30; no designation, 15; void, 5. Total: 5,555.


The dairymen of Walton and vicinity are anxious concerning the disposition of milk after the present month, as the Borden company has given notice that the Walton plant and the feeders at Colchester, Pinesville, Rock Royal and Munndale, will be closed at the end of the month of June, and that no milk will be received after that date. Overproduction, limitation of profits and competitive conditions are given as reasons for the shut-down. [Ed.: Even in those days there were hardships for local dairymen.]~