Andes Healthy SnakPaks – June 2018

As the arc of the 2017-2018 academic year bends towards closure in June, the SnakPak team sincerely thanks everyone who has contributed to the success of this program. Community members, churches, school staff, parents and children have all participated. The Andes Presbyterian Church is our foundation, letting us use their kitchen at no charge where we prepare and package the snacks each week. Recently, their Young Adult Group took us under their wing and generously shared with us the proceeds of their Easter Bunny fund-raiser. Thanks, YAG!

Cabin Hill Presbyterian Church has provided solid and faithful financial support, as well as talented volunteers. Many community members have participated financially.

With an average of 30 students in the program, we have prepared and distributed 990 SnakPaks this year. Each Pak contains a selection of 5-6 snacks of fresh fruit, veggies, cheese, whole-grain crackers, popcorn, granola, apple sauce, fruit cups, and more. We avoid refined sugar, refined grains, heavily salted snacks, and snacks containing food processing additives. We also prepare special snacks for children with food allergies.

As we look forward to another great year in 2018-2019, we invite and welcome any suggestions for improving the program. Please do drop us a note at: PO Box 262, Andes 13731.~