THE WAY WE WERE 100 Years Ago – March 1918

Culled by Judy Garrison

 From March 1918 issues of

The Andes Recorder 100 Years Ago

 Week In and About ANDES


Events of a Week as Chronicled by

the Man on the Street



Last Thursday afternoon, February 21, there was a triple marriage at the U.P. Manse in Andes village—mother and two daughters. The contracting parties were:

Willis P. Brown and Mrs. Frank Coss

David Schryber and Miss Edith Coss

Pearl Furgison and Miss Minnie Coss


E.B. Cowan was here Wednesday from Weaver Hollow. Since the Dunraven creamery was burned he has kept his milk at home and made it into butter. A meeting will be held Saturday to deside [sic] whether or not the creamery will be re-built.


The Delaware County Board of Supervisors met at Delhi on Wednesday, for a hearing on the location of a site for the proposed county tuberculoses hospital….It was learned that a bill now before the legislature provides that a county may unite with another county in the matter of a hospital….If the county must finally build the site will be the Coe place below Delhi village. [Ed.: Do any readers know if this was ever built in Delhi?]


During March, with each sale of wheat flour an equal amount of substitutes must be sold. Rye flour and rye meal are not counted as substitutes. Corn flakes and other patent breakfast foods cannot be sold as substitutes. The Federal Food Administrator is urging every one to make maple sirup [sic] or sugar this spring. The 1918 food cards for distribution in Delaware county will sent out in a days [sic]. [Ed.: What qualified as a substitute, I wonder?]


Mike Fergison is boarding at Hotel Austin at Delhi as a result of a trial before justice Walter Gladstone and justice W. J. Hammond at Union Grove last week. For some time Mrs. Wamsley had been receiving aid from the town, and recent developments was likely to add to the expense. Mike had promised to marry her, but kept putting it off. The town board instructed Andrew Anderson, overseer of the poor, to bring an action. The Justices ordered that Fergison marry the woman but he chose jail instead. Chas.B. Johnson represented the town and Edward O’Connor appeared for the prisoner.


Mrs. Richard Hillis, of Bloomville, has lost her vice [sic] and for several weeks has been unable to speak above a whisper. She has gone to Oneonta for treatment by a specialist.


Next Tuesday is the village election. As usual no nominations have been made and it is a case of vote as you please. ~