THE WAY WE WERE – December 2017

The Way We Were

Culled by Judy Garrison  From December 1917 issues of

The Andes Recorder 100 Years Ago

 Week In and About ANDES


Events of a Week as Chronicled by the Man on the Street


It is stated that Mr. Pickett, who recently came from Chicago to take possession of the Slade farm on the Tremperskill is not pleased with the east.


Thomas Bouton has rented his pool room to Roy G. Hines, and Wednesday he left for Staten Island, where he expects to find employment in a ship building plant.


Thomas Hitt and wife have returned home after an absence of several weeks spent with relatives at Rockwell Mills, Middletown, Brooklyn and Arden. He is now ready to do shoe repairing again.


The existence of a little over $12,000 of motor registration fees in the hands of the county treasurer, which the law provides must be spent for the permanent improvement of highways, is causing the Delaware county legislature no end of uncertainty and worry. The members agree with the pronouncement of the law as far as it goes but they are unable to agree upon a method of carrying out its provisions.  To spend the money for highways is all right but the law unfortunately failed to say when, where or how it should be spent and there lies the difficulty, particularly as to the “where”.


In a communication received by this paper, Collector of Internal Revenue Neal Brewster announces that federal income tax officers will be sent into Delaware county to remain for a period of time for the purpose of helping persons subject to the income tax to make out their returns without any cost to them for his service….Many believe that if they are not called upon by the government, a return will not be necessary. On the contrary, the duty is on the taxpayer to make himself known, secure the forms, and, if necessary, ask assistance of the expert in making a proper report. Persons failing to make the return within the time prescribed by law are liable to a penalty ranging from $20 to $1,000 and possibly a jail sentence. [Ed.: In 1913 the 16th amendment to the Constitution made the income tax a permanent fixture in the U.S. tax system. Many misperceptions abounded in 1917 regarding these new requirements.]~