By Buffy Calvert

At the Town Board meeting on October 10th, Supervisor Bud Gladstone announced that agitation by the Board and State Legislators Seward and Miller has borne fruit. DOT (the Department of Transportation) has pledged new signage and pavement markings at the Route 28 crosswalk that pre-K children and Kindergarteners must traverse several times daily from their classrooms to the main building and campus. It is a prime crossing for the rest of the students and staff as well. AND, in 2018, DOT will install flashing lights activated by a button at each side of the street.

The Flood Commission expects to submit its proposals to the Board in November.

The Board agreed to appoint a 7-member Committee to review and tweak the Andes Comprehensive Plan adopted in 2003: 1 from the Town Board, 2 from the Planning Board, 1 from the business community, 1 from the agricultural community, 2 from the community at large. Supervisor Gladstone will represent either the Town Board or the farming community.

As usual, time was taken to attend to the care of our roads, as reported by the Highway Superintendent. Peter Lederman thanked them profusely for paving Crescent Lane. (See related article, p. 2 .)

By Order of the Town Fathers, children in Andes may Trick or Treat on October 31st from 4:30-8:30 at night! ~