LIBRARY NOTES – November 2017

By Pamela West-Finkle

I am excited to announce that our new patron computers are ordered and on the way. Thanks to the A. Lindsay and Olive B. O’Connor Foundation and some extra bullet aid money from our legislature, we have received a 1:1 matching technology grant to replace our obsolete patron computers.  The computers are being configured by the Four County Library System to include all of our necessary filtering software, and should be delivered soon.  In addition we will be purchasing two new high resolution computer monitors and a bluetooth enabled wireless printer so that patrons will be able to print directly from their devices.

The O’Connor Foundation has also awarded the library a grant to help pay for architectural services to design a new children’s room to be added on the back of the library and create a fully handicapped accessible library.  We submitted a library construction aid application to the State on August 30th and will hear back from the State by June 2018. In the meantime, we are researching the requirements for flood plain management and hope to start formal architectural designs soon.

On Thursday, November 9th, we will be honoring our veterans by showing a military oriented movie. Be sure to check our Facebook page or your email to see which movie we will be showing. Happy Veterans Day to all of our veterans!  Thank you so much for your service! By the way, the library has the new Ken Burns’ Vietnam War Series and accompanying book. We also recently procured The Miracle of Dunkirk by Walter Lord, an older book that is coming out in movie form soon.

The library is also looking for more volunteers to join our ranks here. Due to many of our volunteers going south for the winter, our Saturday roster is a little thin and we are hoping to find some fresh new faces to cover the circulation desk on Saturday mornings from 10 to noon.  In addition, once the new computers have been installed, we could use some volunteers to help input and process the many donations—especially DVD donations—we’ve received over the last few months.  If you are interested in volunteering your time at the library, please contact me at 845-676-3333 or email:

Have a great November and Happy Thanksgiving! ~