JUST PHYLLISOPHY – November 2017

By Phyllis Galowitz

When I wake up in the morning, Lili is curled up in her little cat bed at the foot of my bed. I put one foot on the floor and then the other and Lili is wide awake, pacing back and forth, swiping my legs as she looks up at me with her bright, pistachio eyes. She meows, “Is it time for my breakfast?” She runs to the kitchen, but I’m not ready for the day to begin. She has to be patient while I brush my teeth, wash my face and put on a bathrobe. It’s freezing in the house. She knows my next stop is the TV room and she watches as I turn on the morning news and listen for the weather report. Finally, I’m ready to go to the kitchen and she follows at my heels, runs ahead of me excitedly waiting for the big moment! She hears the cat food can being opened and climbs up my legs in anticipation of what’s to come, meowing and pacing back and forth, back and forth. I can hardly put her dish down while she’s practically leaping up to grab it in mid-air. She’s already licking the bowl!

There are so many exciting things for her to do in the morning. Once her immediate hunger is satisfied, checking out backyard activities through the glass doors is next. There is a chipmunk running across the planters on the deck. Oh—how she’d love to chase it but, poor thing, she doesn’t even know the world of “outside.” She’s an indoor cat and has never, in all of her five years, experienced the great outdoors. Nevertheless, her instincts know the pouncing position, as she anticipates the joy of playing (or capturing) the little chipmunk. She runs along the glass doors, but the chipmunk scampers off into the woods. Lili is crestfallen; but along comes a blue jay—another source of entertainment, until he flies away and Lili decides to go back to her breakfast.

After breakfast, the biggest treat is to explore the enclosed porch while I enjoy my breakfast before letting her back in the house, giving her a “treat,” and watching her amble back to her bed, where she curls up, her tail wrapped around her, to take her morning nap!

Lili loves me, even though I leave her all alone most of the day while I go about my daily comings and goings, but I look forward to hearing her “meow,” as I unlock the basement door and climb the steps to where she waits behind the door for my return and we sit down together, so watch the evening news.~