By Peter Lederman

Sometimes it takes an unnatural event or something people do to change your world and bring some neighborly delight.

At  around 4 o’clock on Wednesday, October 4th one by one, and couple by couple, the human citizens of Crescent Hill Lane came out of their homes and seemed to just stand transfixed but beaming on our newly paved road. Folks I haven’t seen, or maybe hardly talked to in a while, were just gushing about how this simple improvement on our road most traveled was going to quietly and daily make our lives easier. It was a spontaneous gathering of appreciation.

Gone would be the dust storms that kept your cars perpetually filthy, gone would be the potholes and ruts that could wrench your back, gone mostly would be the annual car repairs on your brakes and bearings and axles etc., and gone would be the hazardous downhill mud-sliding adventures. We simply felt good for ourselves and very, very thankful to our Town, its Board and the job done by the Andes Highway Department, led by Superintendent Mike McAdams.

I came out to watch the work being done and was incredibly impressed by the cooperation of the nearby towns as they provided truck after truck of stone to keep the work flowing. The coordination of the oiling, the spreading, the supplying and then finally the rolling was extraordinary. You sometimes don’t give enough credit to those folks who build the core of your world as you simply ride their roads, and go over their bridges, but this is one old lad who will never again take it for granted. I might, at this point in my life, be mostly a fiddler, but wow…..this was really something to dance to.~