By Margaret Moshier

A little background: The first meeting of interested people for the formation of our Andes Society For History and Culture was held on January 27th, 1975. The leaders were Eric Wedemeyer, Sylvia Glendenning, Jeannette Liddle, Anne Geiger, David Andrews, Graham Frisbee, and Tom Coddington. The first board meeting was held at the Timberland office on February 3rd, 1975. Our first General Meeting was held at the Andes Central School on February 10th. The first fundraiser was a Luncheon/Fashion Show held at the Andes Hotel on May 21st, 1975. For several years we held Snowflake Balls at the Hotel. We sponsored concerts by several bands over the early years. ASHC, along with ACS, sponsored activities for a Youth Group.

Our Provisional Charter was granted on October 24, 1975. Directed by Clarence Geiger, the ASHC organized the Bi-Centennial Celebration in only our second year. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gladstone donated the Hunting Tavern building to the ASHC in that same year. It had been built in the 1780-1800 era, and had several uses, as well as internal changes. We sponsored the first Andes Community Day on July 2, 1977 on ACS grounds. Success!

The ASHC Thrift Shop opened in June, 1985. Anne Geiger allowed the use of the small building next to the Flyalong Farms Arts and Treasures business. That first year we ran for 10 weeks and we raised $2,600. Most years we ran the shop from mid-June until Labor Day. Income ranged from $1,800 to $5,700, hours always being from 10 am until 4 pm. In 1991 we moved to the Hunting Tavern building (at least to what is now the Gift Shop) which had recently had a new foundation constructed which allowed the building to be used. We ran the shop from there until 1999 when we moved to the Old Fire Hall. We continue the same hours of operation daily, but have extended our time from mid-May to Columbus Day, although during May and after Labor Day, we open only Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Anne Geiger, Jeanette Liddle, Sophia Nash. Dorothy Andrews, Josephine Zwick, and Nora Cole have been very instrumental in the organization and running of our very successful Thrift Shop. I also have to note the many volunteers over the years, men and women who have maintained our success and excellence—too many to name, but deeply appreciated. Gloria Carlson is a huge help in lining up volunteers.

Our ASHC acquired the Pleasant Valley Meeting Hall in 1996. It is used for meetings and concerts and can be rented for weddings and other events. We acquired the Old Fire Hall in 2004, and have done some remodeling in the past few years.

[Most of this information came from the Jeannette Liddle’s array of scrapbooks we hold in the Hunting Tavern Museum.]

We sell used items of many kinds in the Thrift Shop: clothing, footwear, household items, furniture, games, puzzles, toys. You name it and we have probably sold it. If you don’t have a chance to visit the Parthenia Davis Gift Shop at the Tavern (open Saturdays from 10-3), know that you can also find local history books at the Thrift. At this time we do not accept TVs, computers, microwaves, and large, heavy items. Stop in and visit and find a treasure you cannot live without, say hello to your neighbors and friends while here. Friendliest shop in Andes!

We run the thrift shop yearly as our main means of raising money. We make use of these earnings primarily on the maintenance of our buildings; also other expenses that present themselves. ~

Margaret Moshier is currently the President of the ASHC as well as the Thrift Shop Manager.