By Phyllis Galowitz

Seventeen years ago, this month, I discovered a community unlike any  that I have ever lived in: a community filled with so many creative and talented people who were willing to share their talents with others, not to increase their income, but just for the love of what they enjoyed. Musicians entertained us. Poets read to us. People attended meetings and reported town happenings. A lively discussion group formed with people offering to talk about the topics that, in their other lives, they were paid high salaries for. A newspaper was printed every month, containing stories by people who wrote them just for the love of imparting what they enjoyed. Programs magically came about at the library, the school, in the park and in the churches. Community Day brought all kinds of talents together.

Most of those who made it happen were volunteers and much of what was done to entertain us, helped to raise the money to do more for our pleasure. There were those who cooked and baked and served, because everyone loves to eat.

We drew people together who like to read, play games, learn about different ethnicities and garden. That’s what makes this amazing community, that I’m so proud to be a part of!~