The Way We Were – July 2017

From July 1917 issues of

The Andes Recorder 100 Years Ago  

Week In and About ANDES


Events of a Week as Chronicled by the Man on the Street


With commentary by Jim Andrews


John D. Knapp, who is a member of the National Guard, came Wednesday for a visit before going into the Federal service for duty in France.  [JimAndrews: John Knapp was Lillian Ballantine’s son by her first husband. Matthew Linn Bruce was her second husband.][Buffy Calvert adds: John Knapp Bruce, adopted by his step-father, was my uncle.  At this juncture he had just returned from “watching and waiting” with General Pershing’s army on the Mexican border.  He was in the front lines in France and was gassed.  He died in 1921 from its effects.]


Jas. Ed. Harper, the Delhi jeweler was here Saturday in the interest of the Chautauqua to be held in Delhi from July 21-25. No one should miss this rare treat.


Mrs. Matthews, an aged Union Grove woman, was taken to the county Farm Saturday by Superintendent foreman. [JA: The “county farm” was the county’s poorhouse where only the destitute and homeless resided. This poor woman basically was sent there to die since she must have had no relatives.  It was probably the closest thing there was to a nursing home in 1917. There was even a cemetery used by the poorhouse where most residents who died while there were buried in unmarked graves. Gabrielle Pierce, the county historian, recently did a presentation on the poorhouse.]


The American people have been fleeced of $250,000,000 in flour prices alone the last five months and the “steal” goes merrily on while game of politics is played at Washington. Just about everything we eat to keep body and soul together, are higher in price today than need be and would be if the food speculators’ hands had been kept off. In order to keep prices up food stuffs they have been allowed to rot in the fields or when shipped not allowed dock room.


The body of Horace Phelps of Sidney, who committed suicide July 2, was found July 5, in the Unadilla river, about one-fourth mile below where he is supposed to have jumped into the river. The body had caught in the roots of a tree in seven feet of water.


Herman Edwards and Simon Dingee, of Dingle Hill have each purchased a Ford Motor car.



The following are the names of the men in the town of Andes and the numbers upon which each will be drawn in the Draft for the new army:

Ed.: I counted 97 names. Below are several:

[JA: Dick Liddle would know all these names as they were his father’s contemporaries.]

William James Roney [JA: the late John Roney’s father, grandfather of Ted Roney]

George Herbert Horton