Dear Friends of the Roundtable,

It is with a sad heart that we send this email announcing the closing of the Andes Roundtable.


For everything there is a season. After many decades the Andes Roundtable, which has served our community in a highly informative, interesting and respectful manner will close.


During the past two years, the Andes Roundtable facilitators have been actively seeking volunteers who would be able to take over the responsibilities necessary to keep this community venue alive.  To date, our efforts have not yielded the required results. Although there have been a few suggestions, no one has been able to fully commit.


Therefore, we are saddened to state that the last Andes Roundtable will convene on Wednesday, June 28th.


It has been our pleasure to meet so many interesting and knowledgeable presenters, and to have had the opportunity to enjoy their presentations along with our members. We sincerely thank all of you for having been a part of the Andes Roundtable.


Jack McShane, Sharon Ruetenik, Jeff Ditchek, Maria Ditchek