By Mary Sheerin

Volunteers for the SnakPaks convened to prepare the final snacks of the school year on Friday, June 9th. A visitor would be happily surprised not only at the variety of the food items, but at the beauty of presentation. The prep table at the Presbyterian Church is a rainbow of color, shape, and scent: sweet smelling cantaloupe segments; green, yellow, red and orange pepper slices; bright red cherry tomatoes; slender white cheese sticks; pastel apricots. In addition, in the bags are mini-raisin boxes. Week after week the items change, depending on what’s fresh at the market and what may be on sale.

The packs are given to all the students from Pre-K through Grade 3 at the Andes School. Volunteer students at the school help bring the full boxes to the school and then distribute bags to the students. The average cost of a single bag is valued at  $2.08.

We conducted an end-of-the-year postcard survey of parents’ evaluation of the program. There were 7 responses; 6 were positive and offered concrete recommendations. We continue to welcome additional responses.

To finance this project we thank the community for its generosity. This month we received individual donations from Don Ahern and Thelma Ruff of the Cabin Hill Presbyterian Church. The jars placed at Paisley’s, Andes General Store and Atelier Aubergine yield regular contributions.~