As winter fades and spring bursts into its shimmering splendor, the Andes Healthy SnakPak volunteers begin to wend their way toward the satisfying end of their project – for this academic year only. We are already planning for next year, at a meeting to be held in May. We’ll reflect on how the program functioned this year, what we might change and retain, build on and cast aside.

We have happily increased our volunteer pool to include Gale Kabat and Vicki Bush. The additional hands and energy of the new members, as well as their insights and suggestions are always welcomed.

An especially welcome surprise was the Easter Brunch sponsored by the St. James Episcopal Church and the SUNY Delhi Interfaith Club, on April 23rd. The meal was prepared and hosted by the students. Proceeds were divided between the AHSP and Habitat for Humanity. We applaud the students’ initiative and effort and thank them as well as Father James and the congregation who encouraged and supported the project. We also express our gratitude for the continuing support of the Cabin Hill Presbyterian Church. The collection jars placed at several local businesses have yielded $50 so far. And a thank you to Marie Gladstone for her kind donation.~