The SnakPak program has continued through snow and sleet on Fridays, whenever the Andes School is open to provide our welcome bag of healthy, fresh snacks to students for the week-end.

This year, 110 students are enrolled in the Andes School; snacks are provided to 38% of the student body, all pre-K through 3rd grade children. Plans for next school year are contingent on continued community support.

Nine volunteers on the team share tasks. Students of all classes regularly participate by helping to carry the snacks over to the school and assisting Cindy Bramley with distribution.

The Board and volunteers want to thank all the donors, who have made the year’s offerings possible. Your generosity and interest in this program are a strong foundation. If you would like to see the program continue next school year, please consider a gift. Checks can be made out to Andes Healthy SnakPak and mailed to PO Box 262, Andes, NY 13731.~