By Frank Winkler, Planning Board Chairperson

The Planning Board tries to accommodate all the requests we receive. We try to allow people to utilize their property as they wish within the established zoning regulations. We especially want to minimize any adverse impacts to neighbors.

We frequently get last-minute requests for a Special Use Permit. People think they can attend a meeting, explain their desires and walk out with an approved permit. This can happen, but a Public Hearing is frequently required that can take at least another month before the board can make a formal decision. If a zoning variance is needed, several more months may be needed.

We recommend that you work closely with our Code Enforcement Officer, Artie Short. He can evaluate your needs and get you started. If you want to open a business this summer, it would be beneficial to get on the planning board agenda as soon as possible. We meet the second Monday of the month at 7:30 pm. You should notify the board a week in advance. Further contact information is available on the town website,