By Buffy Calvert

After Supervisor Bud Gladstone called the Town Board together on February 14th at 2 pm*, Delaware County Undersheriff Craig DuMond took the floor to warn the Board and the audience: “We are 4 years into a major drug problem and we can’t arrest our way out of it.”

He emphasized that the education of children as young as middle school and the cooperation of the community as a whole are the keys to a solution. He urged us to let law enforcement know of any “drug houses” we are aware of. “The dealers are smart and are only in it for the money.”

Their victims are those whom they addict, previously law-abiding, upstanding neighbors. For them the only ways out are recovery, death or incarceration. DuMond strongly believes that the best option is recovery, both for the addicted and the community.

An audience member asked. “Are there adequate treatment options?” DuMond admitted that there is a dearth in Delaware County. People have to go to Cooperstown or even out-of-state, to Pennsylvania, for example.

He urged people in Andes aware of drug activity to let the Drug Task Force know by calling (607) 832-5555, by giving tips anonymously, toll-free: (888) 914-9111 or by email:

Andes Flood Commission member, Frank Winkler, reported that another round of grants for $3-5 million in DEP funds is coming up for Stream Access projects in the Delaware Watershed. He urged that we put everything we need on the list: the Liddle Brook wall at ACS, homes with stream erosion which are threatened by floods, etc. The Soil and Water District will set the priorities. He reminded the Board that projects take time to accomplish even after approval.

In his Supervisor’s report, Gladstone announced that the new well located in the Rural Cemetery above High Street (now owned by the Town) has had a 72 hour test run. Marge Merzig added the information that the well has a prodigious flow and that although drillers caught a whiff of sulphur during the initial 24 hour test flow, none was found in the water in the test results. However, to be sure, Cedarwood Engineering ran a 72 hour flow test. The results were not available as of February 14th. Contingent on favorable results from the 72 hour flow test, the Board authorized Cedarwood to proceed with a design for installation of the well. Since the well is high up and has a great volume of water, it can be pumped directly into the Hamlet water system. If there is sulphur in the well, it will be plugged and a new site explored.

In stark contrast, the well at the library is low and sulphurous. Its water needs to be treated and pumped up to the reservoir before being added to the pipeline in dry spells.

In an Annual Accounting session after the main meeting, the Town Bookkeeper Karen Kropp and Tax Collector, Margaret Moshier, affirmed that both the Town and Highway Budgets were in excellent and healthy shape. Congratulations Councilmen! ~

*The Andes Gazette apologizes for giving the wrong time in the February issue. Winter Town Board meetings are at 2 pm. Spring-Summer-Fall (April-November) at 7.~