THE WAY WE WERE – January 2017

The Way We Were

Culled by Judy Garrison

 From January 1917 issues of

The Andes Recorder 100 Years Ago 

Week In and About ANDES


Events of a Week as Chronicled by

the Man on the Street


With commentary by Jim Andrews


Will Roney returned Monday from New York, where he attended the auto show and also the Studebaker dealer banquet at the hotel Astor.


James Cairns, while coming over Palmer Hill Thursday night, was spilled out of the cutter and the horse ran to Andes village, where it was caught.


The thaw of Sabbath took a sudden change and during the week there has been ice everywhere. Travel has been difficult and dangerous and it has been hard to keep sleighs, wagons or autos in the road.


For some little time the lighter of street lamps in Andes has been cussed because many of the lamps were a blank and he has handed us the following: “The lights on Main street are not so bad but the globes and mantles that were not ordered for High street were missent. If they arrive your light will be fixed up.” [Jim Andrews: These were the pressurized gasoline street lamps that replaced the kerosene ones. They were similar to Coleman lanterns and the gasoline burning the mantle under pressure gave a much brighter, whiter light than did the dim kerosene lamps.]


Delaware County Enrollment: The 1917 enrollment for Delaware county is as follows: Republicans 6,416; Democrats 3,515; Prohibition 267; Socialist 127; Progressives 72; Independence league 20; American 17; blank 431; void 35.~