GARDEN THERAPY: How I Love Winter—Let Me Count the Ways – January2017

By Mel Bellar

I know that many of you dread the arrival of winter and curse the snow. I also know that I can’t change anyone’s mind about that! To me, however, winter is nature’s beautiful way of saying take a break, learn something new, do something different  or explore any of a multitude of options; it is therapeutic. With the arrival of snow, it is especially peaceful and quiet. Who would want to live someplace without the four seasons to provide the full cycle of nature’s splendor?

Over the past 12 hours we were blanketed with a beautiful  8 inches or so of thick soft snow. It was overcast and I saw black and white opportunities everywhere. Hence, a few reasons I love winter.   

Mel Bellar is the owner of Zone4 Landscapes and a passionate Andes gardener.