Judy Garrison for the Andes Gazette asked some questions of the Chief Operator, Andrew Serrao

JG: Who are the staff at the treatment plant and their titles, duties and the procedures they carry out?

AS: I, Andrew Serrao, am the Chief Operator. I supervise and direct the operation, maintenance and repair of water and wastewater treatment equipment, buildings and grounds. Jeff Lee, Operator Trainee, assists in the daily operation, maintenance and repair of water and wastewater equipment, buildings and grounds.

JG:  What should we know about the water source for our hamlet and the testing procedures for e coli, etc.? Has the well behind the library ever been used? Is the Town seeking an additional site for a well?

 AS: The Annual Water Quality Report sent out to each resident annually, is the information residents should read and know about the Town of Andes water system. The well behind the library is used whenever the water supply from the springs can’t keep up with the demand for water. An additional well site is being developed on New Cemetery Road.

JG: Originally we heard that the treatment plant was overbuilt. What is the current status and capacity of the system? What additional businesses could it handle?

 AS: Our SPDES permit limit for flow is 62,000 gallons per day for a monthly average. The current system works great. Additional businesses that the system could handle would depend on what kind of businesses.

JG: Where does water from the storm drains end up?

 AS: It flows to the Tremper Kill.

JG: What else would you like users in the water district to know about what they should be doing or not doing?

 AS: Conserve water as much as possible. Please do not flush paper towels or rags to the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Andes Gazette Note:  If you would like more information on the operation of the Wastewater Treatment Plant by Delaware OPerations, Inc., go to the Town Website: www.townofandesnewyork.com

and scroll down to WWTP of Google Town of Andes New York wastewater.~